Panagiotis Kanellopoulos



Panagiotis Kanellopoulos is Associate Professor on Music Education
at the Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Thessaly.
received his MA and Ph.D. in
music education from Reading University (UK). He has taught music education
courses at the University of the Aegean, and was previously Lecturer of music
Education at the
Department of Music Studies,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has
presented his work in many international research conferences and symposia, and
has published articles in international publications and leading research
journals (Resonance, Psychology of Music, Philosophy of Music Education Review, British Journal of Music Education, Action Criticism and Theory for Music
Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory
). He is active as a
mandolinist, recording as a session musician. Since 1996 Panagiotis has
led many experimental educational workshops that focus on collective free
improvisation with variable forces, in a wide range of different venues and
contexts – notable, among those has been his collaboration with the Benaki
Museum, Athens. He is currently serving as co-chair of ISPME (International
Society for the Philosophy of Music Education). Main research interests include: children’s musical improvisation, ethnographic
approaches to children’s musical creativity, socio-cultural perspectives in music
education, improvisation as a wider socio-political form
of musical practice. 


E-mail: pankanel [at] gmail [dot] com

Selected research publications

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Freedom Through Free Improvisation: A Bakhtinian provocation to music education.
In M. A. Peters & J. White (eds.), Bakhtinian Pedagogy: Opportunities and
challenges for research, policy and practice in education across the globe
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P. A. & Nakou, I. (2011). Playing improvisations, ‘playing’ culture: Music
games as a means for creative engagement with the museum world – a case study.
In Katy Beale (ed.), Museums at Play:
Games, Interaction and Learning
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P. A. (2010) Envisioning Autonomy through Improvising and Composing:
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