Experimental work

  • Creative music and museum education workshops led by P. Kanellopoulos as part of the symposium ‘Travelling in time through art – creative educational activities, Athanasakion Museum of Volos, 9-10/3/2012.
  • Little ad(d) music: from museum artifacts to musical creative acts. Museums in Motion symposium, 3-4 July, 2015, Volos, University of Thessaly. Designed and performed by monday's drop(s) [Eirini Avgoustaki, Maria Leftherioti, Marina Koumoulentzou] & antt (Anthropology, Sound, Space, Art sciences) 3-7-2015
  • Performing critical creativity – music workshop led by P. Kanellopoulos and D. Stefanou. In Art & Education: Teaching and Pedagogical approaches in 21st Century School Conference, Institute of Educational Policy (IEP), Academy of Fine Arts and the Onassis Cultural Centre 3 & 4 October 2015


  •  2009 – 2018. The Scandal of (Musical) Democracy research project was initiated in 2009 when a group of students of our department decided to collectively and systematically delve into composing and improvising. Using a variety of working formats (which are also decided collectively) we create improvisations and compositions which are recorded at the University of Thessaly Music Recording Studio (School of Architecture). Ethnographic data have being gathered since 2011, providing insights on issues related to the forms of knowledge developed during this work, to the nature of the creative processes employed, and to the changes to musical and professional identities that this engagement has induced. 
  • “how to grow up I don’t know’ – a creative music composition project and performance as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Department of Early Childhood Education, 11-5-2019
  • Workshop:'Throw the notes, keep the music', teaches Costas Vomvolos, composer & improviser,   Sunday, December 15, 2019
  • Workshop: "Sounding secret spaces"  workshop of  music improvisation of Pauline Oliveros ’works,  teaches Evi Nakou, improviser & animator, Sunday,  December  15, 2019
  • Seminar at MOMus Museums - Metropolitan Organization of Fine Arts Museums of Thessaloniki, Sunday, February 2, 2020