Designing teaching materials for a playful approach to teaching basic music concepts.

Katerina Vasdeki
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos

The aim of this thesis is to provide a conceptual framework for developing an original resource material which constitutes a playful introduction to basic music concepts. This music teaching material has been designed for use in the kindergarten but also in the early years of primary school. This material consists in a ‘musical tale’ accompanied with suggestions for music education activities that focus on working with the concepts that emerge out of the story. It comes in two formats – first as a picture book accompanied by a description of possible activities, and also as a narrated story accompanied by original music and songs (audio cd). The thesis has been organised in three parts. The first part presents a conceptual framework for defining music and musical creativity. The second part is devoted to a detailed presentation of the process of the material’s production and provides a discussion of its aims and purposes. The third part discusses possible problems and issues that might arise during the process of implementing the material. In the appendix the whole teaching material is presented.