Nikonanou, N. (ed.) 2015. Museum Learning and Experience in the 21st century, (Mouseiaki mathisi kai empiria ston 21o aiona), Hellenic Academic Ebooks, National Technical University of Athens, Athens

This edited volume aims in presenting an overview in different aspects of museum education today and discusses issues concerning learning and experience in museums in the 21st century. Theoretical approaches in museum education, learning theories, educational aims, methods and activities are presented in the first three chapters. The following four chapters focus on the different visitor groups  according to the circumstances of their contact with the museum such as school visits and leisure time activities (families, children, adults), include strategies of approaching marginalized groups and non visitors and issues of visitor surveys and evaluation processes in museums.  The museum space as an educational environment and the variety of media - material, printed and digital- which are used in museum-educational practice are at the core of the last three chapters of the volume.