1st Conference on Regional History and Education

The Education Directorate of Central Greece, the Institute of Educational Policy, the Laboratory of Museum Education and Research, University of Thessaly, Public History Master Program,Open University Greece, the University of Ioannina (Laboratory of the History of Modern Greek Education) co-organized the 1st Conference on Regional History and Education on: "Regional History and Education: developing an organic and effective relationship between them".

The purpose of the Conference was to highlight local history as an excellent source of knowledge, able to expand the educational role of the school by creating a lasting and creative relationship between school knowledge and reality. Students' involvement with local history contributes to the cultivation of skills and the redefinition of attitudes and values through experiential learning, exploration and play. These alternative pedagogical methods and actions serve as a guide for upgrading on the one hand the pedagogical function of school visits, which are an important and integral part of the educational process, and on the other hand the didactic approach of the course, which is treated through a fresher and more exploratory.