Niki Nikonanou & Alexandra Bounia 2020. Creating Learning Experiences in Museums: Discussing – Inquiring – Participating, UCL QATAR

This small book, published in Arabic and English, is the outcome of collaboration between Qatar Museums and UCL Qatar, one of the academic institutions supported by Qatar Foundation. It aims to provide an introduction to the methodologies and tools museums, but also educators of all levels of education can use in order to develop meaningful, exciting and engaging learning activities for school groups, as well as other visitor groups. All these methodologies, and many more, are used by museums in Qatar, as the case-studies, just a few out of many that could have been presented, eloquently demonstrate. The case-studies support the theoretical part of the book and showcase the group work of museum professionals in Qatar as they discuss projects that have been realized during the last few years by the teams of QM museums in collaboration with many other stakeholders. We hope that this booklet will initiate a dialogue about museum education in Qatar while sharing the expertise that is developed in the country beyond its borders.