Searching for the memory of the past in the city: Educational game of activities for the Museum of National Resistance of the Municipality of Volos, University of Thessaly

Anastasia Sotiriou
Irene Nakou

The present study belongs to the field of the historical learning and the Museum Education, referring to the modern approach of Local History with a focus on museum educational programs. Its aim was the introduction of the first table game training activities referred to the historical places of the city in the educational program of the Museum of National Resistance Volos. This educational game "In the streets of resistance" was designed, implemented and evaluated in detail. The particular game was incorporated to the homonymous educational program of the Museum of the academic year 2013-14 and carried out by groups of students and primary school pupils. The resulting data set studied quantitatively and qualitatively to lead to positive conclusions on the learning outcomes of its implementation.