Conferences - Venues

The Museum Education and Research Laboratory aims at organizing conferences, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and other venues relevant to its basic targets.
During the last years, the Laboratory has organised or has contributed in the organisation of the following conferences and venues:

One-day Conferences
International Day of Museums 2014 /One-day conference at the Archaeological Museum of Volos 05/2014
Two-day conference: Museum education- Theory and Practice 09/2013
International Day of Museums 2013. Contribution in the one-day conference of the Archaeological Museum of Volos 05/2013
Current approaches to research in museum education 11/2012
One-day Conference: "Travelling in Time through Art - Creative educational practices" , Archaeological Museum of Volos, 9 March 2012. 03/2012
One-day Conferece: Educational material for musuems: Planning, uses and asssessment. 2007. 11/2007
One-day Conference: The "Melina" Programme - Culture and Art in Education. University of Thessaly 2007. 05/2007
2nd International Oral History Conference. Memory narrates the city: Oral naratives on the past and the present of urban spaces. March 2014 03/2014
International Conferene: Bridging generations: interdisciplinarity and life stories in the 21st century. Oral History and life history approaches in the social sciences, University of Thessaly, 25-27/5/2012 05/2012
Conference: Museums and Education: Critical review and future perspectives. University of Thessaly, 2007. 11/2007
First Greek Conference on Early Childhood Education 09/2007
International Scientific Meeting: "Representations of Cities in City-Museums: Assumptions and perpesctives" Volos, April 2006. 04/2006
International Conference: Transitional Spaces, Transitional Processes and Research. Volos, 2006. 03/2006
Scientific Venues, Lectures
Cultureshutdown Museum Education and Research Laboratory participation 03/2013
Anciet painting and the grave steles of Demitrias. University of Thessaly, 10 May 2005. 05/2005
The material substance of books as works of Art. University of Thessaly, 2005. 04/2005
Children's Art Exhibition: Travelling in Time through Art. Archaeological Museum of Volos, 11.2-10.3.2012. 02/2012
Poster-exhibition: Educational pracices in Greek museums. University of Thessaly, 2007. 11/2007
Exhibition: Educational material for use in museums. University of Thessaly, 2007. 11/2007
Exhibition: Twenty-years Workshop. Municipal Art Museum of Larissa, 2006. 11/2006
Exhibition: Paulos Nikolakopoulos Work. University of Thessaly Library, March 2006. 03/2006