The Museum Education and Research Laboratory is one of the 5 Laboratories of the Department of Early Childhood Education (DECE) at the University of Thessaly.

It aims to cover educational and research projects of the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate Studies Programme of the DECE and of other Departments of the University of Thessaly, in the fields of Museology, Museum Education, History Education and History of Art.

The Museum Education and Research Laboratory publishes the international, on-line, open access and peer reviewed journal MuseumEdu, available at the istotope Online International Journal, 

Communication        museumresearchlab [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr (i)nakou [at] uth [dot] gr       niknik [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr 


Basic targets:

  • The further development of research and education in the above mentioned fields and the collaboration with relevant Greek and International Universities, Research Centres, Museums and Schools.
  • The promotion and the productive use of cultural heritage, with special focus on Thessaly and especially on the broader area of the City of Volos, Magnessia.
  • Collaboration with the International Council of Museums, with Museums, with archaeological and historical institutions,  and other cultural institutions, libraries, Archives, and educational communities.
  • The organization of conferences, seminars, symposiums and other educational activities, and the invitation of major academics in the related fields.
  • The editing of an international online journal, the publication of relevant papers and books and the participation in Greek and international conferences.
  • The collection and electronic presentation of prototype research work, educational projects and educational material.

The Museum Education and Research Laboratory does not pocess its own "real" space. Therefore, since the academic year 2011-2012, its vision and funcion are covered by the site  which was organised by the Lab's member George Thanos (PhD), computer engineer.