Design and implementation of an educational package for the diachronic Museum of Larissa

Evangelia Tampoura
Niki Nikonanou



Museums, because of their social and educational role, produce or lend educational material addressed to students or teachers and is a form of communication. This work dealed with the design and implementation of a training package for the Timeless Museum of Larissa, aiming at the perfect updating and strengthening of the teachers in order to prepare a visit with their students, to the museum. To carry out activities both during their visit to the museum and in the classroom. The educational package exploited the particularities of museum education, which learning through objects, linking learning to inspiration and entertainment. Students, through a variety of activities, experiential games, exploration games, role-playing games, discover the museum, came into contact with the exhibits, experiment and experiences.


Keywords: museum, educational package, activities, learning, exhibits discovery, entertainment