Head:                        Niki Nikonanou (Assistant professor)     

Associate Head:           Irene Nakou (Professor Emeritus)  

Members:                     Anna Chronaki (Professor)

  Panagiotis Kanellopoulos (Associate professor)

                                     Yiannis Pechtelides (Assistant professor)

                                     Eleftheria Tseliou (Assistant professor)

Doctors      Maria Vlachaki

                                     Despina Kalessopoulou

                                     Georgia Kousseri

PhD students                 Foteini Venieri

External Members:        Aimilia Kalogianni

Previous Members:        Billy Vemi (Assistant professor)

The Museum Education and Research Laboratory has realized many of its projects in collaboration with Cultural Institutions, Universities, Research Centres, Museums and Schools. Among others, basic collaborators in the City of Volos are: The Archaeological Museum of Volos, the Kitsos Makris Centre of Folk Culture, the Tsalapata Museum, the Art Centre Georgio de Kiriko, The 13th Archaeological Institution of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.